WP5: SeamFrame Software: architecture and implementation


Leader : Jan Erik Wien, Alterra, Wageningen, The Netherlands 

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Work Package 5 provides SeamFrame, the implemented software architecture for SEAMLESS-IF. In order to do so, it offers the basis for applications to manage the SEAMLESS-IF knowledge base, and to develop applications targeted to the end users, built using SeamFrame (the SEAMLESS integrated modelling framework). SeamFrame will provide software components enabling the identification and use of appropriate models and model combinations, and policy evaluation of agricultural systems, from the perspective of the major user classes: decision makers; stakeholders and researchers and modellers. SeamFrame will provide a set of pre-packaged applications for these decision makers, and a graphical interface. Users belonging to the class of researchers, modellers and systems analysts will use the modelling environment to process models and data, as provided by WP3 and WP4 in order to make them available for use within SeamFrame. This task will be achieved using components from the component toolbox: the domain editor, a tool for data and ontology manipulation, and the model builder, a tool for creating and editing executable models. In summary, the main objectives of this WP are:


To develop SeamFrame, the software architecture for SEAMLESS-IF;

To develop applications to manage the SEAMLESS-IF knowledge base, which includes models and data and workflows, as well as comments and user experiences about these items;

 To develop applications, targeted to the end users, built using SeamFrame.