WP2: Indicators and threshold values for integrated sustainability assessment at multiple scales


Leader : Johanna Alkan Olsson, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

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Work Package 2 offers a structured set of indicators for sustainable impact assessments in agriculture. (Semi-) quantitative and qualitative indicators are dealt with, at scales ranging from farm activity/farm to national or global perspectives. Building on current research suitable indicators and threshold values are identified, and areas are identified where knowledge to develop meaningful indicators is lacking for use in the context of SEAMLESS; these gaps will then be filled. Methods for the assessment of multiple indicators are developed and documented, as well as approaches to deal with a wide range of indicators in the context of sustainable impact assessments. A need for innovative approaches arises when multiple indicators combine qualitative and quantitative aspects, and when social and institutional measures need to be taken into account. In summary, the objectives are:


To develop a structured set of indicators that can be applied at a range of temporal and spatial scales to evaluate the impact of alternative approaches to policy, institutions and technology on the sustainability and multifunctionality of agriculture;

To explore the extent to which previous research can provide suitable indicators and threshold values;

 To identify areas where data and methods needed to develop meaningful indicators are lacking, and to fill these gaps;

To develop a methodology for the assessment of the institutional compatibility of different policy options.

To develop and document methods for assessing threshold values, critical ranges and target values for the developed indicators;

 To develop and document methods for the assessment and evaluation of multiple indicators as affected by various priorities of stakeholders.