WP1: Conceptual and methodological design and integration of SEAMLESS-IF


Leader : Frank Ewert, Wageningen University, The Netherlands 


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Work Package 1 determines the conceptual, methodological and technical requirements of SEAMLESS-IF. This Work Package will provide the theoretical basis to combine systems analysis with methodologies for spatial and temporal up- and downscaling of processes, categorisation of systems, evaluation of systems responses to environmental change, as well as user and stakeholder involvement. The Work Package will integrate and facilitate the scientific Activities in all other Work Packages related to the development of SEAMLESS-IF. Delivery of the demo-version and three prototypes of SEAMLESS-IF are the prime responsibility of this Work Package. More specifically:


 To determine landscape, regional and/or meso economic boundaries for the assessment;

 To determine the requirements of potential users of SEAMLESS-IF;

To determine the conceptual, methodological and technical requirements of the integrated framework (SEAMLESS-IF) for impact assessment;

 To determine the full range of attributes (economic, environmental and socio-cultural) that require indicators and to select the relevant indicators with WP2;

 To determine the quantitative modeling approaches and their inter-linkages, including up- and downscaling capabilities within SEAMLESS-IF to quantify the indicators;

 To determine the main data requirements and corresponding databases;

 To determine the conceptual basis for the architecture of the technical framework (SeamFrame);

 To determine qualitative tools for pre- and post-model analysis focusing on issues not captured by the quantitative models (i.e. socio-cultural, institutional and historical factors);

 To determine an operational procedure for using SEAMLESS-IF to evaluate policy and innovation measures;

 To determine participatory methods in order to facilitate user involvement and use of the integrated framework;

 To ensure timely delivery of a demonstration version (DEMO) of SEAMLESS-IF as well as first and advanced prototypes and final specifications;

 To develop a concept for maintenance and further development of SEAMLESS-IF after the end of the IP.