SEAMLESS Integrated Framework and concepts (WP1 en WP5)


Specification of complementary participatory methods for SEAMLESS-IF.
Bäcklund, A.K., Martinson, L., Bousset, J.P., Macombe, C, Taverne, M.

SEAMLESS report no. 3,  December 2005


Methodological concepts for integrated assessment of agricultural and environmental policies in SEAMLESS-IF
Ewert, F., van Ittersum, M.K., Bezlepkina, I., Oude Lansink, A., Andersen, E., Bäcklund, A.-K., Brouwer, F., Flichman, G., Heckelei, T., Alkan Olsson, J., Olsson, L., Rizzoli, A., Theesfeld, I., Wery, J., Wien, J. E., Elbersen, B., Donatelli, M., Martinson, L., Perez, I., Svensson, M., van Diepen, K., van der Wal, T., Wolf, J.

SEAMLESS report no. 18, November 2006


Development of a conceptual framework for integrated analysis and assessment of agricultural
systems in SEAMLESS-IF.

Ewert, F.A., van Ittersum, M.K. Bezlepkina I., Oude Lansink, A.G.J.M., Brouwer, F.M., Andersen, E., Flichman, G., Heckelei, T., Alkan Olsson, J, Olsson, L., Rizzoli, A.E., van der Wal, T., Wery, J.

SEAMLESS report no. 1, December 2005


Quantitative models of SEAMLESS-IF and procedures for up-and downscaling
Flichman, G., Donatelli, M., Louhichi, K., Romstad, E, Heckelei, T., Auclair, D., Garvey, E., van Ittersum, M., Janssen, S., Elbersen, B.

SEAMLESS report no. 17, November 2006


Modelling Framework (SeamFrame) requirements.
Rizzoli, A.E., Svensson, M.G.E., Rowe, E.C., Donatelli, M., Muetzelfeldt, R., van der Wal, T., van Evert, F.K., Villa, F.
SEAMLESS report no. 6, December 2005


Updated version of final design and of the architecture of SEAMLESS-IF
Rizzoli, A.E., Wien, J.E.H., Knapen, R., Ruinelli, L., Athanasiadis, I., Jonsson B.

SEAMLESS report no. 47, October 2009



Wallman, P., Knapen, R.

SEAMLESS report no 46, October 2009


Indicators (WP2)


Indicator framework, indicators, and up-scaling methods implemented in the final version of SEAMLESS-IF

Alkan Olsson. J., Bockstaller. C., Turpin, N., Therond. O., Bezlepkina. I., Knapen, R.

SEAMLESS report no. 42, October 2009


Results of the Multagri project concerning indicators of multifunctionality and their relevance for SEAMLESS-IF
Cairol, D., Perret, E., Turpin, N.

SEAMLESS report no. 11, May 2006


Sustainable Development Indicator Frameworks and Initiatives

Geniaux, G., Bellon, S., Deverre, C., Powell, B.

SEAMLESS report no. 49, November 2009


Approach towards an operational tool to apply institutional analysis for the assessment of policy feasibility within SEAMLESS-IF

Schleyer., C., Theesfeld, I., Hagedorn, K., Aznar, O., Callois, J.M., Verburg, R., Yelkouni, M., Alkan Olsson, J.

SEAMLESS report no. 29, July 2007


Review of approaches to establish reference levels to interpret indicators

Van der Heide, C. M., Brouwer, F., Bellon, S., Bockstaller, C., Garrod, G., Oliviera, R., Smith, P., Stapleton, L., Weinzaepflen, E., Zhang, C.

SEAMLESS report no. 30, August 2007


Model components (WP3)


Documentation of model components EXPAMOD and CAPRI

Adenäuer, M., Pérez Domínguez, I., Bezlepkina, I., Heckelei, T., Romstad, E, Oude Lansink, A.

SEAMLESS report no. 41, October 2009


Definition of the CAPRI Core Modelling System and Interfaces with other Components of SEAMLESS-IF

Britz, W., Pérez, I., Zimmermann, A., Heckelei, T.

SEAMLESS report no. 26, January 2007


Library of model components for process simulation relevant to production activities, Prototype 1 versions
Donatelli, M, Rizzoli, A.E., van Evert, F.K., Rutgers, B., Trevisan, M., Sorce, A., Balderacchi, M., Di Guardo, A., Ewert, F., Leffelaar, P., Meuter, E., Adam, M., Smith, J., Gottschalk, P., Acutis, M., Trevisiol, P., Gentile, A., Bellochi, G., Carlini, L., Duru, M., Cruz, P., Gary, C., Kansou, K., Wery, J., Dupraz, C., Braudeau, E., Martin, P.

SEAMLESS report no. 27, June 2007


Agricultural Production and Externalities Simulator (APES) prototype to be used in Prototype 1 of SEAMLESS-IF

Donatelli, M, van Evert, F.K., Rutgers, B., Trevisan, M., Ewert, F., Sorce, A., Balderacchi, M./, Di Guardo, A., Leffelaar, P., Meuter, E., Adam, M., Smith, J., Gottschalk, P., Acutis, M., Trevision, P., Gentile, A., Bellocchi, G., Carlini, L., Duru, M., Cruz, P., Gary, C., Kansou, K., Wery, J., Dupraz, C., Braudeau, E., Martin, P.

SEAMLESS report no. 28, June 2007


Estimations of Labour Inputs using FADN Data
Garvey, E.
SEAMLESS report no. 15, November 2006


Agricultural Management module of FSSIM, Production Enterprice Generator, Production Technique Generator, Simple Management Translator and Technical Coefficient Generator.
Janssen, S.J.C., Oomen, R., Hengsdijk, H., van Ittersum, M.

SEAMLESS report no. 44, October 2009


Assessing farmer behaviour as affected by policy and technological innovations: bio-economic farm models
Janssen, S.J.C., van Ittersum, M.K.

SEAMLESS report no. 24, January 2007


Integration of all FSSIM components within SEAMLESS-IF and a stand alone Graphical User Interface for FSSIM

Janssen, S.J.C., van Ittersum, M.K., Louhichi,  K., Kanellopoulos, A., Meuter, E., Hengsdijk, H., Zander, P., Thorne, P., Flichman, G., Blanco Fonseca, M., Borkowski, N., Hecker, M., Stokstad, G., Romstad, E., Berentzen, P., A. Oude Lansink, A., van Keulen, H., Thornton, P., Li, H., A.E. Rizzoli, A.E., Heckelei, T.
SEAMLESS report no. 38, September 2009


Linking CAPRI and GTAP

Jansson, T., Kuiper, M., Adenäuer, M.

SEAMLESS report no. 39, September 2009


Test Scenarios for Global and Country Level Analysis, including baseline

Kuiper, M.H.

SEAMLESS report no 45, October 2009


Developing Country impacts – Evaluating case studies

Kuiper, M.H., Keita, M.S., Barbier, B.

SEAMLESS report no. 25, January 2007


A generic template for FSSIM.

Louhichi, K, Flichman, G., Blanco Fonseca, M.

SEAMLESS report no. 37, September 2009


Modelling Livestock Component in FSSIM

Thorne, P.J., Hengsdijk, H., Janssen, S., Louhichi, K., Van Keulen, H., Thornton, P.K.

SEAMLESS report no. 35, August 2009


Procedure to Identify and Assess Current Activities

Zander, P., Borkowski, N., Hecker, J.M., Uthes, S., Stokstad, G., Rørstad, P.K., Bellochi, G.

SEAMLESS report no. 50, January 2010


Report and Code to Simulate Structural Change

Zimmermann. A., Heckelei, T., Adenäuer, M.

SEAMLESS report no. 31, November 2007


Methodology and Code to Simulate Structural Change in SEAMLESS-IF: results for SEAMLESS test regions and integration into SEAMLESS-IF

Zimmermann. A., Heckelei, T., Adenäuer, M.

SEAMLESS report no. 36, August 2009


Working paper - Literature Review of Approaches to Estimate Structural Change
Zimmermann, A., Heckelei, T., Pérez, I.

SEAMLESS report no. 16, October 2006


Data and Databases (WP4)


Regional typologies of farming systems contexts

Andersen E.

SEAMLESS report no. 53, February 2010


The environmental component, the farming systems component and the socio-economic component of the final version of the SEAMLESS database

Andersen, E., Elbersen, B.S., Hazeu, G.W., Van Diepen, C.A., Baruth, B., Verhoog, A.D., Terluin, I.J., Borkowski, N., Janssen S.J.C.

SEAMLESS report no. 52, February 2010


A multidimensional farming system typology

Andersen, E., Verhoog, A.D., Elbersen, B.S., Godeschalk, F.E., Koole, B.

SEAMLESS report no. 12, May 2006


Protocols for spatial analysis to be implemented in the domain editor by WP5 - Allocation of farm types spatially including the new Member states

Elbersen, B.S., Kempen, M., Andersen, E., Staritsky, I.G.

SEAMLESS report no. 51, February 2010


Protocols for spatial allocation of farm types

Elbersen, B., Kempen, M., van Diepen, K., Andersen, E., Hazeu, G., Verhoog, D.

SEAMLESS report no. 19, November 2006


Regional typologies of ecological and biophysical context

Hazeu, G.W., Elbersen, B.S, van Diepen, C.A., Baruth, B., Metzger, M.J.
SEAMLESS report no. 14, June 2006


Applications (WP6)
A typical application of SEAMLESS-IF at macro level: a trade liberalization scenario applied to the EU 
Adenäuer, M., Kuiper M.
SEAMLESS report no. 43, October 2009
Application of the Procedure for Institutional Compatibility Assessment (PICA) to the implementation of the EU Nitrate Directive in Midi-Pyrenees. Evaluation and suggestions for further improvement and integration into the final version of SEAMLESS-IF
Amblard, L., Mann, C., Lemeilleur, S., Thérond, O., Schleyer, C., Theesfeld, I., Hagedorn, K.
SEAMLESS report no. 48, November 2009
Documentation of baseline and policy scenarios to be assessed with Prototypes 2 and 3
Belhouchette, H., Wery, J., Thérond, O., Alkan Olsson, J., Adenäuer, M., Kuiper, M., Samaké, A., Bélières, J.-F., Rapidel, B., Barbier, B., Diarisso, T., Traore, B.S., Nawrot, B., Straszewski, S., Was, A., Majewsky, E., Bigot, G., Josien, E., Turpin, N., Bousset, J.-P.
SEAMLESS report no. 33,  January 2008
The major characteristics of environmental policies and agro-ecological technologies to be studied in Test case 2
Belhouchette, H., Wery, J., Thérond, O., Duru, M., Bigot, G., Was, A., Kloczko-Gajewska, A., Leenhardt, D., Majewski, E., Josien, E., Bergez, J.-E., Henning, J., Thenard, V.
SEAMLESS report no. 13, June 2006

Documentation of baseline and policy scenarios for Test Case 1
Pérez, I., Bigot, G., Josien, E., Bousset, J.P., Majewsky, E., Thérond, O., Thénard, V., Bergez, J.-E.
SEAMLESS report no. 23, January 2007


 Training and dissemination (WP7)


An Institutional Analysis of European Systems for Impact Assessment

Bäcklund, A.K. Adamowicz, M., Jozefecka, M., Macombe, C., Zemek, F.

SEAMLESS report no. 32, November 2007


Participatory methods, guidelines and good practice guidance to be applied throughout the project to enhance problem definition, co-learning, synthesis and dissemination.
Bousset, J.-P., Macombe, C., Taverne, M.

SEAMLESS report no. 10, December 2005


Training materials for different categories of users

Reidsma, P., Alkan Olsson, J., Queste, J., Brogaard, S., Bezlepkina, I., van Ittersum,. M.K.

SEAMLESS report no. 40, September 2009