Key Publications

Overview article
Van Ittersum, M.K., Ewert, F., Heckelei, T., Wery, J., Alkan Olsson, J., Andersen, E., Bezlepkina, I., Brouwer, F.,         Donatelli, M.,      Flichman, G., Olsson, L., Rizzoli, A., Van der Wal, T., Wien, J.E., Wolf, J., 2008. Integrated assessment of agricultural systems
      – A component-based framework for the European Union (SEAMLESS). Agricultural Systems 96, 150-165.

Special issue of Environmental Science & Policy with the following articles (guest editors: Martin K. van Ittersum, and Floor M. Brouwer):

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A Springer book volume (2010): Floor M. Brouwer, Martin K. van Ittersum (Eds.), Environmental and agricultural modelling: integrated approaches for policy impact assessment. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, with the following book chapters:

van Ittersum, M.K. and Brouwer, F. Introduction, pp 1-7.

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