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  • Procedure for Impact assessment in SEAMLES-IF

  • Database of SEAMLESS
  • Introduction to APES - field level model in SEAMLESS
  • Users' involvement in testing of SEAMLESS-IF
  • International conference
  • Impact assessment of agricultural systems - SEAMLESS halfway

  • Enabling micro-macro analysis in SEAMLESS-IF
  • Visualising changes of farming in a landscape
  • The trade liberalization and nitrogen Test Cases
  • Assessing institutional compatibility of new policies
  • Second annual symposium of SEAMLESS in Prague
  • Prototype 1 - Prototypes are key milestones in the development of the SEAMLESS integrated framework. They have limited functionality but represent visions about features of the final version of the integrated framework. Prototype 1 of SEAMLESS-IF was completed and delivered to the European Commission (EC) at the end of July 2006. Prototype 1, as well as a video with instructions on how to use it, can be downloaded here. Prototype 1 is accompanied by the reports on the underlying concepts and methodologies and models
  • SEAMLESS documentary on Swiss television - a 25 minutes documentary on the SEAMLESS project has been filmed and compiled this summer by a team working for the Swiss (Italian part) television. The documentary has been broadcasted November 2 on RTSI television (The Agricultural Revolution - La Rivoluzione Agricola).
    The documentary shows interviews (filmed on location) with: Martin van Ittersum, Andrea Rizzoli, Thomas Heckelei, Daniel Deybe and two farmers (arable and livestock) from the Northern part of the Netherlands.
  • SEAMLESS Newsletter No 3, December 2006.   The third Newsletter of SEAMLESS-IP covers the following topics: a) Prototype 1, b) Assessing farm responses to policies and technical development c) Quality of Impact Assessment under scrutiny d) The employment model

  • SEAMLESS Newsletter No 2, June 2006.   The second Newsletter of SEAMLESS-IP covers the following topics: a) SEAMLESS-IF in a nutshell; b) Welcome to SEAMLESS 2nd Newsletter; c) Linking farm and  market level models; d) New guidelines for impact assessment; e) Indicators in SEAMLESS; f) The SEAMLESS knowledge base; g) Report from the Brixen Meeting; h)Call for USERS